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About Us


With a singular focus on health and lifestyle, grounded in living well and being healthy, Wellness Enclave

was created to provide a Distinctive and Unique Lifestyle   for people seeking the most out of life. Today's world requires not only a commitment to stay healthy but to supplement your well-being with top-level products and services geared toward your vitality, strength and longevity.

I believe in order to live well and thrive, you must have physical, spiritual and mental balance. These three crucial elements maintained in harmony will allow you to perform at peak performance levels, achieve the things

you desire in life and provide a harmonious lifestyle for the ones you love. With that in mind, I began my journey to find only the best distinctive and unique products and services to align with my beliefs and mission. 

Wellness Enclave    has researched a select offering of products and services which are affordable and answer the health needs of both men and women. The release of these products will come slowly and deliberately, one at a time, in order to grow a community of members through engagement and honest feedback. 




Denise McNeal

Founder and CEO


Carrying a unique blend of male supplements and female supplements designed to

increase adult energy, stamina, vitality, strength, libido and sexual performance.

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